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Our school runs two Active After-school Communities (AASC) sessions each week, for 7 week each term. The Active After-school Communities program is a national initiative that provides primary school children with access to free, sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after-school time slot of 3.00pm to 4.30pm.

The program aims to engage traditionally inactive children in sport and other structured physical activities and through a positive and fun experience, develop a love of sport that inspires them to join a local sporting club.

The overall objectives of the program are to:

  • Enhance the physical activity levels of Australian primary school children through a nationally coordinated program.
  • Provide increased opportunities for inclusive participation in quality, safe and fun sport and other structured physical activities.
  • Stimulate local community involvement in sport and other structured physical activity.

If you are interested in your child being involved in an AASC sessions or would be interested in becomming an AASC presenter - Please contact one of our friendly staff members at Scotts Head Public School.